Guest Lecture on “Indian Freedom Struggle and Gandhian Strategy”

                                       DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY


The Department of History organized a Guest lecture on “Indian Freedom Struggle and Gandhian Strategy” for the Students of Department of History on 3rd December 2021. The Guest Speaker on this Occasion was Dr. Anil Aniket   (Assistant Professor, Department of History and Indian Culture, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur)

The guest was welcomed by Professor Sharad Rathore, who introduced him. This lecture was based on various strategies used by Gandhi in Indian National Movement.

The guest speaker outlined that the decisive phase of the National Movement began when Gandhiji returned to India from South Africa in 1915. During this period Mahatma Gandhi became the undisputed leader of the National Movement. Gandhian strategy was based on his understanding of the British rule and also his experiences in South Africa. Tools such as truth, sacrifice, non- violence, selfless service and cooperation were used by Gandhi effectively against the British Government.

This lecture aimed to acquaint the students with the strategies of Gandhi and his role in Indian freedom struggle. Lastly, Chandrima Chauhan from the department of history presented the vote of thanks to the guest.