Open Session on "How to prepare for civil service examination"

Start Date: 
Saturday, 28 July 2018
Start Time: 
12:30 pm

The Centre for Civil Services Preparatory Classes and Dept. of History held an Open Session on Saturday, 28 July 2018, on ‘How to prepare for civil service examination’. The speaker was our alumini, Ms. Padmini Solanki, IAS 2016, All India Rank 170.

Ms. Padmini Solanki did her graduation from ICG with Political Science (Hons.). She topped in the subject in the year 2009. She cleared the Gujarat Public Service Commission exam in 2015 with 116th rank and the civil service exam in 2016. She has opted for IRS (Indian Revenue Services-Income Tax).

In her motivational lecture she advised the students to first of all have a clear perspective as to why they want to join the civil services and only then should they start preparing for the exam with complete dedication. “The right time for preparation is along with graduation”, she said.

She pointed out to the students that they are very fortunate to have the Centre for Preparatory Classes in the University as they have the opportunity to prepare with the right kind of guidance and follow the correct methodology to crack the examination on campus itself.

She stressed on three keys which are extremely important during preparation: Confidence, Patience and Support System. One should be confident and have faith that one can do it but not become over confident. Utmost patience is required during the preparation and also while giving the exam. The support system of the family, friends and mentors is an absolute must to help in tiding over the strenuous period of preparation. “Consistency and UPSC are synonymous!”, is the mantra she gave to the students.

At the end of the very invigorating and inspirational talk there was an interactive session wherein the students asked questions and Ms. Solanki answered their queries.